About Yenny

Yenny Sanchez is a 3-time award winning journalist in New York City. Ms. Sanchez graduated Hofstra University with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Psychology. Recently, she worked with CNN Digital in New York City with CNN Opinion’s team. Since joining the cable news network, Yenny has been assisting the digital editors by pitching story ideas, sending query letters to politicians,writers, celebrities and in charge with creating content on their web page.

In her early college career, Yenny was hired to freelance with Cablevision’s Local programming after interning with them in her freshman year of college back in May of 2015. She has been a Director’s assistant, speaking to representatives of local divisions such as politicians and celebrities, gathering and establishing interviews for promotions and news packages as well.

Before interning at CNN, she was interning at CBS in Nyc with the syndicated news-magazine Inside Edition (digital team). At CBS, she was assisting Digital Editors and Supervising Producers by flagging heart warming and trending news stories, creating video scripts for reporters, conducting interviews, writing and publishing online articles throughout the day.

At Hofstra University, she was an on-air traffic and weather reporter for the award-winning college radio station, Radio Hofstra University (WRHU). WRHU’s Newsline has given Yenny the opportunity to showcase her on-air personality while reporting trending news such as entertainment(movies,gossip) and business (closing numbers, politics) reports. She was also an executive producer during the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention coverages for Newsline.

Recently, she voluntarily worked for the 1st Presidential Debate of 2016 in the Media Filing Center at Hofstra University. Yenny was assisting the Campaign Liaison, in all needed elements such as coordinating venues, placing orders and much more. She was also a Social Media Correspondent, interacting with students and reporting LIVE content on Hofstra’s social media platforms.

Yenny was a National Finalist for ‘Best Political News Package’ at the IBS Awards.

She enjoys pizza and is obsessed with learning different languages; hoping that one day she can travel across the globe to see different people and cultures.

If you want to follow my updates or my other work, please follow @YsanchezNyc on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.